Video stops on modem connection

Giramma Robert (GirammaR@NT1-NDHM.CHNT.GTEGSC.COM)
Mon, 22 Jan 96 15:55:00 cst

When I start CU-SeeMe on my PC, the video begins to fill in the various
windows. I get reported rates up to about 12 kbps initially. After a
short, variable time, the video updates usually (but not always) become very
slow or even stop. I know there is data coming in because my modem receive
light is lit nearly all the time, and the transmit light is lit sometimes.
The data is being received at the full modem rate. Why can't the video
refresh keep up with the data. My environment:
- Packard Bell Pentium 60 MHz PC
- 8 MB RAM
- Windows 95 with Dial-up Networking and Windows TCP/IP
- CU-SeeME W0.84B7
- 14.4 kbps fax/modem

I know the modem is a bit slow for this application, but the video does work
for a while, so there appears to be enough speed. The data keeps coming in,
but the windows freeze. I have the same version of CU-SeeMe working fine on
my work PC (100 MHz Pentium, Windows NT, Ethernet). I am not transmitting
any sound or video; I'm a lurker only. What is happening to all the video
data I appear to be receiving? How do I fix this? I've read all the FAQs
and troubleshooting notes I could find. Please advise. Thank you.
--Bob G.