RE2: QuickCam use on Win3.1 cu-seeme-l O

Okada (
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 05:54:00 +0900

RE2: QuickCam use on Win3.1 cu-seeme-l Okada

Dear everyone

(I send this message twice. Bcause I received unreach message from our
gateway. I am sorry if you already received)

Last time, I ask to you about QuickCam (conectix co. product) not
working on Japanese Windows 3.1. Soon I received many many response from
Cuseeme support people. I was pretty surprise quick and suitable response.
I was download Cuseeme 0.84b7 from server.
So this time, Cuseeme 0.84b7 working well on my environment. That is Intel
Pentium 90Mhz 32MB RAM Bidirectional pararel port MS-DOS 6.20 Windows 3.10
Cuseeme 0.84b7 QuickCAM driver 1.00a Video for Wondows 1.1e.(change hardware)

It's fun and interesting. I appreciate quick response and support.

Thank you very much.

96/01/19 18:07 Okada(