Re: [W] Can CU-Seeme be used to link 2 PCs over a modem line?

Alan Larson (
Mon, 22 Jan 96 16:03:23 PST

> It is NOT possible to connect 2 PC's directly for CuSeeMe in its current state.
> 1. CuSeeMe uses TCP/IP protocols to exchange information. You must use
> through Winsock on the PC.
> 2. There is no direct-connect TCP/IP software. All the PPP clients require
> a PPP server on the other end.

This is quite incorrect. Even if your PPP is unable to negotiate a connection
with another copy of itself, you can still use SLIP.

> 3. There are no PPP servers for Windows. (That I know of) You need Unix,
> or maybe NT.

But you don't need PPP. Just run a SLIP connection between them.

Should be no problem.