Re: porn and CUSM - your list posting

Michael Sattler (
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 19:25:16 -0800

At 17:43 1/19/96, wrote:

>Sam, your CUSM list posting is way off the point. The issue is...

Did we appoint Grant to be the controller of all things expressed on this
list while I was out buying groceries? I think not.

>If yes, then the only choice you have if you don't want to see it
>(or show it to classrooms, etc) is to avoid the use of CUSM completely.

Hmmmn. My version of CU-SeeMe has a close box on each window. I know how
to operate my mouse.

>This is not a solution, as we all are entitled to play with the latest

If we're all entitled to play with the latest stuff, then that would
include weenie-wavers and boob-bouncers as well.

I respectfully suggest that we *educate* new users about network etiquette
and continue the search for folks who will happily host reflectors with
sexual content.

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