CU-SEEME Problems

Miguel Hernandez (
Mon, 22 Jan 96 22:33:15 -0800


I've downloaded and installed the last version of the progrm from the
Cornell server. It is the first time I used thsi program, and also my
first experience on video programs.
I've connected to the varius NASA TV reflectors available, and in all of
then I received very little audio (i heard something every once in a
while) and the picture takes a long time to be formed.
I do not have any camera yet, and my experienced has been in one way only,
thats the reason for using the reflectors only, nevertheless I contacted a
guy in IPhone the had a camera and we switch to cuseeme and I could saw
him very good.
I'm using W95 in an IBM PS/1 486-DX2-66Mhz.
Thanks in advance