Re: Why don't people help?

David Ross (
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 20:22:35 -0800

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>Date: Mon, 22 Jan 96 16:35:36 PST
>From: (Alan Larson)
>Subject: Re: Why don't people help?
>> I would imagine either a)Just don't know the answers, b) lazy or c)just
>> plain selfish and don't want to help.
> Why should they help? Most of the questions are those that they
>found the answers to in the documentation. It is not their job
>to provide answers to folks who cannot read the documentation.

Oh please. Half the crap in the documentation hasn't done a #@$%! thing for
me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. There are also special circumstances
you know, that are
NOT covered in the documentation that comes with CUSEEME.

>> How about a damn newsgroup for CUSEEME? Anyone ever think of that? Hell, at
>> least we would have the option of what we want to read rather than having to
>> weed thru all crap that fills our mailboxes.
> One was proposed, and voted on. There were not enough votes TOTAL to get
>it passed, even if everyone voted for it.

And yet there is enough votes for alt.bestiality.hamsters.ductape and
similar newsgroups? My God, really shows you where this world is going....
> Do you want all the noise of usenet? There is little signal there, but
>there are lots of ads, trolls, etc.
> I will attach an example.
> Alan
(Half of the newsgroups in existence kindly posted by Alan to prove who the
hell knows what point, deleted)

What does that show? What does that have to do with starting a cuseeme
newsgroup? What, are you saying we would get a lot of accidental or
inappropriate crossposts?
Not that many! Come on, I visit quite a few newsgroups regularity and see
few to none of unnecessary cross posting.