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Michael Sattler (
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 20:25:19 -0800

At 02:31 1/21/96, <> wrote:

>...Open Transport... is still incompatable with any version of CUSM.

This is incorrect. Several folks with OT 1.0.8 have said on this list that
they're running CU-SeeMe.

>This is supposed to be fixed with release 1.1 of Open Transport, and
>that is not going to be available until sometime later this month or next,
>as part of system update 2.0.

Open Transport beta testers are not allowed to discuss release dates, but
the following may be of interest.

--- snip ---

This is public record, which you may discuss:

We had originally planned to deliver a final release of Open Transport v1.1
in December 1995. We have recently revised the schedule for final code to
delay for a few more weeks. This change has been made for a several reasons:

1) We delivered the originally unplanned OT 1.0.8 release, and that took
some time away from working on OT 1.1. Customer reaction to OT 1.0.8 has
been very good, so we think that that was the right decision to make.

2) We want to get as much testing in as we reasonably can. A few more
weeks, at this stage, further increases our confidence in stability.

3) We have decided that it is very important for the Open Transport team
to synchronize it's golden master build and release plans with those of
projects underway in the System Software team. While this is NOT a formal
announcement, there are plans in the works for a system update early next
year. We want to make sure that there are no surprise interactions between
OT 1.1 and those anticipated updates.

If you are a developer with an Open Transport-ready or Open
Transport-enhanced application ready to go to market, we apologize for this
delay. If you'd like to move ahead on a cooperative seeding program
including our pre-release code with your product, you can contact the Open
Transport evangelist, Jose Carreon <> for
details on how to set that up.

If you are a customer with a PCI bus Macintosh waiting for the updates, we
again encourage you to take a look at Open Transport 1.0.8 if you haven't
already. And we ask your patience as we put the finishing touches on the
next release.

If you are a 68K-based or first generation PowerMac customer, we'll be
shipping Open Transport soon.

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