Re: 28.8 modem connection vs. Audio

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>>Is 28.8 enough bandwidth to receive the audio as well as the video
>>signal. The sound comming across my speakers is intermitant and broken.
>What I've found is that the sender must limit his audio in the "transmission
>caps" control panel. If you have them limit it to < 12Kbps, it should come
>through fine. You might want to do this yourself for your transmissions so
>others can hear yours.
>In the Windoze version, we don't have separate audio and video transmission
>caps. Just limit the whole transmission cap to about 10-12Kbps in such a
>case and it should work.
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Why limit your bandwidth like that? I set mine to 28kbs max on transmit and
receive and the audio works somewhat. The video stream is automatically
paused when sending audio.

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