Re: Cu-SeeMe and Trumpet Winsock

Craig Thorner (
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 01:52:00 -0500

Hello, to one and all of my fellow would-be video conferencers!
Unfortunately, it would seem that Cu-SeeMe needs some work.
It not very robust, and that is typical of software in development.
Hat's off anyway to the programmers behind this attempt at a new technology...
Unfortunately, it would appear that Cu-SeeMe has tremendous trouble sending
audio. I have not yet found one person who is able to hear audio that is
more than a few bursts of static. After a very brief investigative effort,
I have discovered that Cu-SeeMe requires the full 14.4k bandwidth to send
audio. Bandwidth beyond 14.4 is used for video, in theory.
Well, with a 28.8k modem, I was able to see plenty. Did I hear anything at
all? No.

What I can say is that VDOLive is very impressive, and it would appear that
the best solution for this streamed data approach is dynamic compression of
audio and video data, like VDO. So it seems we are at least several months
ahead of ourselves in trying to utilize Cu-SeeMe.

I'd like to stay on the list, but 207 mail messages in one day is just too
much to handle. So, I bid you all farewell, and wish you all much luck with
your technological exploration!

P.S.-- I use a P100 with 32 meg of ram, and Win95.