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Dr Hu Yufan (
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 14:52:12 +0730 (SST)

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Hi CuSeeMe folks,

On Wed 31 Jan, there will be an exhibition held on our campus to show people
all those wonderful things which can be done over the network. I would
like to bring the CuSeeMe to our people on the day and am seeking some
people from you to show up and say hello to our audients. If you can send
video and audio and willing to show our audients what can be done using
CuSeeMe or even say a hello, please do come.

Date: Wed 31 Jan
Time: 10am -- 5pm Singapore time (GMT + 8)
Reflector: []
Our CuSeeMe Platform: Windows 3.1/Windows 95
Internet Link: 512kb

If you have any interesting events showing on your reflector, I would
like to have a BCC or link with our reflector on the day, if possible.

The time between 10am and 12pm is more important as major guests will
be there.

If you can come, please let me know. I would like to do some testing and
say hello to you first.

Thanks for your help.

Dr Hu Yufan
e-mail:			Computer Centre, 
Phone:  (65) 7721364			Singapore Polytechnic
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