Re: Australian sites & users!

Sam Hodge (
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 17:08:14 +0900

Adam Watkins wrote:
> Are there Australian CU-SeeMe users reading this?
> Does anyone know which are the best and most reliable CU-SeeMe reflectors
> in Australia? Are any new ones starting soon?
> I managed to connect to the University of Queensland's reflector, which
> worked very well for one day! After numerous attempts, I have been unable
> to reconnect to it.
> I've found the White Pine reflector to be the most reliable.
> Regards,
> Adam

Dear Adam,
I am an Australian CU-SeeMe user and I get along with it
just fine most of the Aussie reflectors have been limited to local
users due to the cost of bandwidth for the reflector or due to
pornography e.g. The Adelaide reflector is now only
accessable to people at the University of South Australia, the
Flinders University of South Australia and people at the University
of Queensland.
Adam if you want a new reflector make your own all you need is
an account on a UNIX machine and you are flying just download the
binary fo your machine and run it.

Sam I am!