Re: censorship

David Ross (
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 23:20:03 -0800

>On Fri, 19 Jan 1996, Richard Collins wrote:
>> I hate to see this discussion go on but I can't let this one pass without
>> comment. Today's Internet is not the techy's only place you may have
>> come from anymore. If it's going to survive as the Internet it has to be
>> a place for all. May all those who wish to wave their parts please make
>> a place for yourselves and go there.
> *** Errata removed for clarity ***
>> Make a place and go there. The "right" to force your delights on others
>> is "abuse".
> I couldn't have said it better, myself!!!

Damn straight! count my vote on agreeing to that too. Now if I could just
get the damn thing working....