problems in using cuseeme

Ricky Yeung (
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 17:39:32 +0800

I have just installed the cuseeme v1.02 on my win95 and discovered some
problem.I used the connectix quickcam.
1. I can connect to myself( and saw that the speed is about
4-5fps and 100kpbs and is quick reasonable output.
2. however,when I connected to White Pine, I can only see the logo"
CuSeeMe for Windows displayed on the remote screen without the real
video image.There was no traff to the remote screen.
3. however, the saw the the "eye" icon of the remote screen is open and
seemed to me that the remote user can see me but I cannot see him.
What is the problem of this?
4.Also I found that I cannot alert the max. frame/sec in the option ->
tranmission. Also the File->video display option is greyed and I
cannot see if my video displayed is set correctly.
5. Since I am dialed from Hong KOng. Will it be network bottleneck that
make me couldn't see the remote window?
6. Any suggestion to improve it?

regrad. and best thanks in advance.
Ricky Yeung at City University of Hong KOng.