Re: CU-SeeMe over 28.8 modems

John R. Haggis (
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 03:57:45 -0800

I don't know about the Talk Plugin but I'm on a 128K T1 (PC Pentium, QCam,
WP 10a1) connecting with a Mac PM7100 user w/ 28.8 Modem and QCam. Similar,
I guess. By setting BOTH sides' xmit rates <= 12 Kbps we can get workable
video AND audio AND talk windows. Of course, video freezes when we send
audio, but video and talk windows seem pretty concurrent. I bet your
problem is more idiosyncratically bug-like.

- John

At 04:35 PM 1/20/96 PST, you wrote:
>Does anybody on this list use the "CU-SeeMe Talk" plugin with the Mac
>version of CU-SeeMe? I need some suggestions for what settings to use
>for Max & Min transmission & reception. I'm connecting to my ISP via
>ISDN but the other user I'm connecting to is using a 28.8 modem to his
>ISP. When we connect and try to use "Talk" I see all of his text in the
>Talk window but he doesn't see any of my responses. He does see what I type
>in the main video window, but not in the Talk window. If he disconnects his
>camera and just uses Talk then we can type both ways without a problem,
>with him receiving my text and video and me receiving only his text. So
>obviously my video is reaching him but my Talk-text is getting crowded out
>I've tried reducing my transmission settings to a max of 28, on the
>assumption that this won't flood him with traffic. I've tried higher and
>lower settings but with no change. Clearly his upgrading to ISDN would help,
>but does anybody have any experince with this plugin over 28.8 modems?
>We're both using version 0.83b3 for PowerPC, both using QuickCam cameras,
>with me on a PowerMac 9500 and him on a PowerMac 7500. (The URL listed in
>the "About Talk" menu,, doesn't seem to be
>valid anymore).

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