Re: Need Audio help

John R. Haggis (
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 04:03:08 -0800

Your Xmit cap is WAY too high. I'm having good luck (on a 128K T1) limiting
my Xmit rate to about 10-20 Kbps. (Use the low end when you're connecting
to people on 28.8 modems.) At 80 Kbps, with either direct connect or on a
reflector, video reception slows to a crawl, my video transmission gets all
broken up on the receivers' ends, and audio is impossible. When I decrease
the cap to about 12, everything works.

If you're on a 56K line, you should be able to do 30-40 Kbps when connected
to someone of the same or higher speed, as long as they set similar Xmit

I had good luck connecting to another 128K site with a cap of 80.

- John

At 09:58 PM 1/20/96 -0700, you wrote:
>I am on a 56K line using CU-Seeme V083.b3, and running System 7.5.
>I have transmission set to min 10, max 80, max w/out audio 30. I
>have a Power Computing 7200 - Mac Clone. I also have a quadra 650.
>I can't get the audio to run on either computer (on the quadra, I
>get some static). I am somewhat new to this, any tips someone can
>share? Thanks!

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