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Richard Collins (
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 09:58:24 -0330

Rick Said:
> >>I hate to see this discussion go on but I can't let this one pass without
> >>comment. Today's Internet is not the techy's only place you may have
> >>come from anymore. If it's going to survive as the Internet it has to be
> >>a place for all. May all those who wish to wave their parts please make
> >>a place for yourselves and go there.
> >>
> >>I want my children to be able to sit down at the computer and adventure
> >>through a space fit for them. Right now that's not a reality anymore.
> >>
> >>Last year someone was kind enough to put up a reflector so that you could
> >>connect and see some sparrows hatch eggs and raise young in a nest
> >>outside the window. It was great and it's the kind of thing that will
> >>make their world a bit more travel-able then ours. You Sir are fighting
> >>for the right to offend and that I have a problem with.
> >>
> >>Make a place and go there. The "right" to force your delights on others
> >>is "abuse".
> >>
> >>
> >
> >

They replied:
> > Dear Miss,
> >Although I really hate to get into these kind of argumeents, I felt I
> should inform you that your protective instincts are working overtime.
> >1. There are literally MILLIONS of places and things to see and do over the
> internet!
> >The chances of running into a "adult site is a billion to one! Trust me I
> know! I myself have been LOOKING for these places and they are VERY hard to
> find. You must have spent hours to look for one... I see what you do in your
> spare time!
> >
> >2. Most certainly if you spend more than a few hours on the netl you
> should consider seeing a psychiatrist for the reason of you are spending way
> TOO much time on the computer and not actually TAKING your children to the
> park to see those eggs in person!
> >
> >3. The Internet IS a place for ALL. Not just a kiddy playground or a
> virtual baby sitter for you and yours. This man you are arguing with has a
> point. We are all free to do whatever we want whenever we want so long as we
> do not infringe upon the rights of others. This is not to say that if one
> person violates your rights, that you have the right to lash out at all the
> rights of others. That is the ultimate in communism. Its called cersorship!
> >
> >4. Lastley, CuSeeme is set up to have "channels" otherwise known as IP
> addresses as well as "sencondary channels" within the "channels". Please
> exercise your right to TURN the ones youdont want to see OFF! Otherwise
> known as editing your cuseeme.ini file and eliminating the suspect "channel"
> in the TARGET.MRU list.
> >
> > This is not a flame or an attack on your person. It is, however some
> friendly LOGICAL advice to protect you.
> > Most people on the internet are VERY defensive when someone attacks
> thier freedoms and, if you haven't thought of it, THIER RIGHTS!
> >
> >
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Allow me to say, in rebuttal, you seem to be giving me an awful lot of
worldly advice on childcare, mental health and the evil censors without
addressing the fact that I just want those people out of my face. There
are places I'm not welcome and I show good taste by staying away. Is
that so bad? Please save your personal advice for when you'll need it.