business uses
Tue, 23 Jan 96 8:29:53 GMT (Original EST)

Sort of in response to the question of business uses for CuSeeme, we're
planning on installing CuSeeme to supplement our LAN administration function.
Each server room throughout the country will be set up, along with a number
of reflectors (to be determined). When we have tech questions or briefings,
esp those sort that use 3D objects like new types of hardware, we can
conference everyone in to examine the new equipment with out flying them all
into Washington, or flying to each one of them. Since it's hardware, the
actual frame rate is not as important as everyone seeing the same object
together. We use our phone system to conference everyone in.
We only have one Mac, a Powermac AV, but with the flexcam attached, and at
high resolution, we can see lights blinking on equipment and our wiring
engineers can even examine patch panels.