jam cam event

Naved A Surve (naved@bird.taponline.com)
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 09:46:32 -0500

Fellow reflector administrators,

I would like to highlight a reflector event that will be taking place this

Every other wednesday we hold a t@p j@m c@m, which is a live concert
broadcast via cuseeme. Not only does this allow many internet users to
enjoy the music of some truly innovative bands, but these users can even
interact with the band, via audio and textual chats. Since we started doing
this over the summer, interest has outgrown our reflector.

I am wondering if any other reflectors out there would be willing to carry a
j@m c@m feed bcc'd from our reflector for the next event, currently
scheduled LIVE wednesday 1/24 8pm EST. Our reflector is configured only to
allow the two j@m c@m cameras to transmit during the concert, so carrying
the feed shouldn't overload you. If you would like more information about
t@p-j@m-c@m, check out the URL:


If you are interested in carrying a t@p-j@m feed, please contact me,

Oh yeah, the jam cam reflector is bird.taponline.com ( and
you can also watch the jam on our other reflector, vdorm.taponline.com
( Be forewarned, the vdorm reflector is often full.

Thank you,