New Listserv

Mark Folmsbee (
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 11:48:38 -0600 (CST)

I just created 2 new listservs on my machine- Lloyd Herrera and I will be

1. cuseeme-law (for the legal community only)


2. cuseeme-technical (TECHNICAL issues only)- reserve right to
moderate it
(but see note*!)

To subscribe, send a message to:

Your message should say:

subscribe cuseeme-law mark folmsbee (insert your name)


subscribe cuseeme-technical mark folmsbee

* I have not opened up the second list (cuseeme-technical) --yet--I
created it because the primary list (run by the ACC at Cornell?),
seems to be having some troubles. Since we are having a time of it
ourselves with our reflectors ourselves (seem to keep crashing), I wanted to
help "get the dust to settle". Listproc stuff can be a tough ride--so I
undertand the problems sysops face.

And I have no significant technical background with cuseeme, so I am not
sure I am the right my experience, it is the larger group
that makes "a go of it" anyway--so I figured, what the heck? Just as easy to
create 2 lists as one.

But in the end, if the ACC Cornell folks want to run a working technical
list, I will defer to them (cuseeme-technical)--whatever works best for
them is fine with me.

In the meantime, any of you folks in the legal community who want to get
together to figure out how to appy this technology in the law firm and law
school setting, please feel free to join cuseeme-law.

Shall we dance?

Mark Folmsbee
Associate Director, Washburn Law Library