lurkers, and other connections

Tue, 23 Jan 1996 14:41:12 -0500 (EST)

I have noticed that after being on public reflectors that other
users often attach directly to your system.

I am running on a PC, and I can not find how to limit the number
of lurkers, they may being watching you own machine.

This is true whether connected to a reflector, or to another user,
or even sitting unconnected, I have found as many as 6 people

Also others users seem to be able to connect to my machine
and start sending me their own video stream, often knocking me
off of a reflector or a private connection.

Does the PC version 84v7 support fuctions like
allow (by ip)
number of lurkers
disallow (by ip)

better would be a prompt box, "allow XXX to connect YN" that pops
up when either a lurker or a sending attempts direct connection

I have tried to close the connection with discconnect, but some users will
continually attempt to reconnect

Tied to this, is if I attempt to connect to site "a" and someone connects
to me, cuseeme will report it is connected to site "a" when it is not
this is a variation of way happens if you disconnect from an active site then
immediately attempt to connect to another site, frequently I find that it
claims to be connecting to the new site when in reality it is connecting
back to the last site.

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