"Talk" plugin

Christer Swartz (christer@cisco.com)
Tue, 23 Jan 96 13:42:15 PST

The "Chat" menu is part of the Windows version of CU-SeeMe. The Mac uses a
seperate Plugin file that should live in the same folder as CU-SeeMe.

Look in Cornell's FTP site at:
In that directory is "CU-SeeMe__Talk.bin". After you decode it put it in
the same folder as CU-SeeMe and launch. You'll then get a new "Talk"
option in your menu bar. It seems to be old though since it's dated 1994
and the URL that's listed to check for more info is no longer valid.

Talk works fine as long as both ends are using ISDN, but it's performance is
spotty when one end is using a modem.


> Where did you get this plug-in? I don't recall seeing it with CU-SeeMe
> when I did my Cornell d/l of v0.83b3 (Mac version). I keep getting prompts
> from people on reflectors to open my Chat Window (same thing?) but I have no
> visible menu command for that or anything resembling a 'chat feature' except
> for the ability to type text over my out-going pix window.
> Any enlightenment on this subject would be greatly appreciated!