Tech Question: Slow frame rate

Nicholas Veit (
Fri, 26 Jan 96 02:20:17 0000

I have been trying to get a conclusive answer for some time on something a little technical. Maybe
you are the wrong person to ask, but would be kind enough to forward this message before my brain
explodes !

Even when CU is disconnected from my 28k line I can only generate a frame rate of 2-3 fps and
would like to increase this in readiness for a faster line.

I am using WFWG 3.11, VFW 1.1e and CUSeeMe 0.84b7 on a Pentium 90. I use a camcorder and Hauppuage
TV/celebrity card (uses overlay technology) and am employing 64k colours at 1152x864 resolution.
Using other software I can capture and replay video at more than 30fps.

Being in the UK, I select PAL and get 2fps. However, when I choose the US format this increases to
3-4 fps (less data and quality perhaps). I have already improved quality and may have reduced data
by setting the card to B/W. However, this is still at least 8 bit as I understand. Interestingly,
other users with Quickcams (6 bit) and less powerful computers seem to generate higher frame
rates. However, I have heard that some users generate 10-20 fps - HOW ? Are they running Crays ?

Any clues as to why I am meeting these restrictions would be appreciated. My thanks and kind
regards, Nick.