No video problem

Keith Comer (
Thu, 25 Jan 1996 09:48:50 +0100

Kind folks,

I'm running two PowerMac 8500s and trying to use 0.83b3 on both:
on one CU-SeeMe works perfectly, on the other there is
absolutely no video, in or out. These are the same machines,
same memory, same operating systems, same version of CU-SeeMe
(I've even copied the same preference files from the working one
to the other, and reinstalled CU-SeeMe repeatedly--deleting old
preferece files--all without effect). I've tried reducing the
number of colors displayed, again without success.

The weird thing is that I *can* see video just fine with either
the Mac's videoplayer or Avid VideoShop, so I know the machine
does work with both the camera and its video connections. Why
am I having so many difficulties with CU-SeeMe?

Thanks, I hope, for any assistance,

Keith Comer