Re: [W] Can CU-Seeme be used to link 2 PCs over a modem line?

John R. Haggis (
Thu, 25 Jan 1996 02:41:24 -0800

OK, OK! I stand corrected. Sheesh. I've been following the standard ways
for so long, and connecting to my UNIX box, I never knew how symmetrical the
protocol was. God, I would have done this years ago if I had known. This
is what you get for learning how to follow directions in Grade School.

Thanks for the info, Alan, et. al.

- John

P.S.: Don't miss Don Castella's note about WFWG RAS and my question at the

At 04:03 PM 1/22/96 PST, you wrote:
>> It is NOT possible to connect 2 PC's directly for CuSeeMe in its current
>> 1. CuSeeMe uses TCP/IP protocols to exchange information. You must use
>> through Winsock on the PC.
>> 2. There is no direct-connect TCP/IP software. All the PPP clients require
>> a PPP server on the other end.
> This is quite incorrect. Even if your PPP is unable to negotiate a
>with another copy of itself, you can still use SLIP.
>> 3. There are no PPP servers for Windows. (That I know of) You need Unix,
>> or maybe NT.
> But you don't need PPP. Just run a SLIP connection between them.
> Should be no problem.
> Alan


> John-
> Sorry John, but you are not correct. Microsoft has distributed a free
> point-to-point version of WFW 3.11 RAS for some time. It shoild be available
> from their Web site, or from MS Downloads. Windows
> NT Workstation/Server also support 1/256 dial-up RAS sessions.
> Sincerely,
> Don Castella

Don, I'm just about to install WFWG RAS so I don't yet know its ins and
outs. Can you fill me in? I thought RAS was just for WFWG networking.
Does it support TCP/IP? What, through IP tunneling? If not, it can't be
used for CU-SeeMe.

- John

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