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John R. Haggis (
Thu, 25 Jan 1996 02:33:46 -0800

At 07:23 PM 1/23/96 -0500, you wrote:
>what hardware is needed to have cu-seeme on a PC lap top?

A fast modem (28.8 or ISDN), and a Conectix QuickCam. Of course, you could
use one of those video acquisition PCMCIA cards but that's an expensive way
to go. Most of those parallel-port video frame-grabbers like Snappy are
made to acquire single-frame shots only and won't work with live video, no
matter how slow.

The Connectix, if you haven't been following things, plugs into the parallel
port and takes power from a keyboard connector, so you need both 25-pin
printer port and a KBD port (std PC or PS/2 is fine; comes with adapters).
The Connectix grabs motion video through the parallel port, with a full
video-for-windows driver.

Accelerated video and a good processor (486 or Pentium) helps.

Aside from that, built-in audio will let you talk but is not essential.

I have it working on my Pentium Toshiba laptop (400CDT) sending video and
audion and it works pretty well. I'm sending over an Ethernet PCMCIA to a
T1 internet connection, but a 28.8 modem should work as well.

- John

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