No Video Anymore
Thu, 25 Jan 96 15:04:14 -0800

I D/Led CuSeeMe vers W0.084B7. 2 days ago I bought a Quickcam.
Yesterday it worked fine and I had no problems. For some reason today
it's a mess. The QCam software works fine. Cu comes up fine, I get an
Icon with my name at the bottom but no picture. I minimize the Icon and
it runs off to the right of the screen, with the indented Icon staying
where it is at on the bottom. The system can tell that the QCam is
plugged in. I have re loaded all software and am unable to find a
solution to this irritating problem. I am running a 486-66, Win95, 8 mg
mem. Like I said it worked fine the first day. Nothing has changed on my
system (files, etc)
I would appreciate some help - Thanks