CU-SeeMe & VideoLogic Captivator

Smitty (
Sat, 27 Jan 1996 21:44:41 -0700

I'm very interested in getting into video conferencing. I've been
checking into the CU-SeeMe program and the QuickCam. I already own a B/W
CCD camera which is powered by a 9v battery that I bought some time ago.
I was trying to think of a way to put it into use instead of buying the
Quickcam. I saw where the VideoLogics Captivator was listed as one of
the boards which will work. It also appears to be one of the least
expensive of all the other boards. What I'm wondering is if anyone
thinks that the Captivator board and my CCD B/W camera would work
alright. If so I am going to order it and give it a shot. My camera has
an RCA type plug that goes to it and I see where the video card has the
same plug. Any information that someone can pass along would sure be
appreciated. I would like to get this working as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance for you assistance. Please reply to my email address