so where's the 128kbs??

Nick Alongi (
Sat, 27 Jan 96 23:02:43 -0800

Hi, my friend and I are both on ISDN. I believe he has 128kbs
ISDN, but I'm not sure. He's in Cornell, and uses their service (ISDN with
ethernet interface). I was wondering why my frame rates fluctuate so much.
At times I get 2-4 fps. But it drops after 5 or 10 seconds--right down to
.5--and then back up. Usually when there is alot of movement, it drops,
but I've found it drops anyway.
I decided to look at the stats for the connection. I recieve a
35-48% loss of packets from him, while he only gets a 0.1% loss from me.
Why is this??? I look at the kbs rate below my window, and I'm only
sending and receiving around 20-30kbs. I've got the max send and receive
settings tuned to 60 each. It seems to me that 20kbs sending, and 20kbs
receiving amounts to 40kbs total load to my 128kbs line. Gee that's only
1/3 of my bandwith!!! I have an activity light on my Ascend box that glows
solid yellow when it's running near 128kbs. When we're connected it
chokes--blinking 3-4 times a second. Is this normal, could there be
something wrong with my service? What kind of settings should I have???
Should he match my settings??? (max send/recv, min send/recv, tollerance,
refresh interval) Thank you for any help.

very frustrated,