Re: Can I have a private CUSeeMe conversation with someone ?

Brad (
Sun, 28 Jan 1996 11:09:46 -0800

Anthony Jowers wrote:
> Can I buypass the conference style environment and go one-on-one ?I believe you can, all you need is an IP address.
> How do I signal a person that I want to have a conversation ? must they be prearanged ?
I think all you need is the IP address of the "connectee"
I would be happy to test a connection. However, dynamic connections like
mine present potential problems. I suspect we could surrmount them. I am
willing to try. E-Mail me privatly and we can discuss a time that's
convienent for the test. (
> Is it hard to establish a reflector site ? Keep it private ? (intra-company for instance)
> Anthony