Re:Can I have a private CUSeeMe conversation with someone ?

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Sun, 28 Jan 1996 04:06:54 -0600

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>Subject: Can I have a private CUSeeMe conversation with someone ?
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>Can I buypass the conference style environment and go one-on-one ?

Sure, just enter the person's IP address instead of one for a reflector. Be
sure to get PERMISSION before initiating a direct conenction.

Before they connect to you, make sure you click on Conference/Start Sending,
otherwise your CU might not be set to transmit. Also check your settings so
they match your modem speed.

>How do I signal a person that I want to have a conversation ? must they be
prearanged ?

Yes, there is currently no way to "ring a bell" at their side when trying to
connect, like calling on the phone. If you both have dynamic IP addreses,
then you will need to meet on a reflector first to exchange IPs for each new
>Is it hard to establish a reflector site ? Keep it private ?
(intra-company for instance)
Reflector software is written for UNIX systems, tho there are a few
versions available that have been ported to various flavors of Windows
(3.1, NT, 95). To keep it private, in the reflector config file you would
put a statement like this:


This would allow only IP addresses thru to connect.

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