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Sun, 28 Jan 1996 04:06:38 -0600

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>Subject: lurkers, and other connections
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>I have noticed that after being on public reflectors that other
>users often attach directly to your system.
>I am running on a PC, and I can not find how to limit the number
>of lurkers, they may being watching you own machine.
>This is true whether connected to a reflector, or to another user,
>or even sitting unconnected, I have found as many as 6 people

Yes, oddly enough, I was recently shown that several people can connect to
one person, and that person can see all connected to them, but the others
can only see the one (both video and chat window). This is IMHO a pretty
cool feature, which would be perfect for a teaching environment, where the
students connect to the teacher's machine. This way the students can't chat
to each other instead of listening to the teacher. Unfortunately this also
has the drawback of not allowing for any sort of panel discussion. This
would require a reflector.

>Also others users seem to be able to connect to my machine
>and start sending me their own video stream, often knocking me
>off of a reflector or a private connection.
>Does the PC version 84v7 support fuctions like
>allow (by ip)
>number of lurkers
>disallow (by ip)
>better would be a prompt box, "allow XXX to connect YN" that pops
>up when either a lurker or a sending attempts direct connection

This ability to deny direct connections is on the MAC version already, and
the PC users have been waiting for this feature to be added. I have also
been knocked off of a reflector by having a person connect to me directly.
The only thing you can do to disconnect is to close CU-SeeMe completely. If
you restart CU-SeeMe soon, the person is insistant, they can reconnect to
you repeatedly.

>I have tried to close the connection with discconnect, but some users will
>continually attempt to reconnect
>Tied to this, is if I attempt to connect to site "a" and someone connects
>to me, cuseeme will report it is connected to site "a" when it is not
>this is a variation of way happens if you disconnect from an active site then
>immediately attempt to connect to another site, frequently I find that it
>claims to be connecting to the new site when in reality it is connecting
>back to the last site.
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True again. If you have an external modem as I do, you can look at the send
and receive lights after disconnecting, and can tell when the data flow has
actually stopped. After the data stops you should be able to connect to
another site and actually get there. The data seems to get buffered at my
ISP and continues for up to a minute or more at times. If you have an
internal modem, I would suggest that you just take your time before trying
to connect.

On the other hand, the software is still free, and works great when you
don't have to deal with people like that. Keep up the good work, Cornell.

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