Re: IP addresses

Jim R. Crewe (
28 Jan 1996 17:15:04 GMT

>In the meantime I've noticed that my IP address changes almost every time
>I log on for Eudora or Netscape.

>So, is that a big problem? How do I connect with someone? Or how could
>I get a stable IP address?

Well get out NetScape and call Yahoo or Cornell direct to obtain a
Reflector List which will allow you to access public CUSeeMe Reflectors and
allow you to start looking at someone else's face :-). As far as your ever
changing IP goes, it just indicates you have dynamic addressing through your
ISP but will remain constant for the duration of each 'net call up. While on
a Reflector, your IP address is easily obtained by others by clicking on the
proper icon below your pix window.