Using POTS

Dr. Vijay Aswani, Ph.D. (
Sun, 28 Jan 1996 14:17:21 -0600

I'm a programming that uses Visual Basic for my work. I know that =
transmitting Video over the POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) is =
difficult at speeds lower than 28.8 Kbps but I'm curious about a few =
1. How come all the apps I see for videoconferencing software (like =
yours and the Videophone from Connectix) are all TCP/IP applications. =
Even when calling from one stand-alone PC to another, I notice that =
developers seem to set up a TCP/IP protocol in the call. Is there a =
reason for this?

2. I'm interested in working on a videophone software in Visual Basic =
that can be used from a stand-alone PC to connect to another PC. The =
program will have a communications terminal module and require Video for =
Windows to be installed in both machines. Alternatively, the program =
could launch from within a BBS setup.

3. To cater to the large number of 14.4 modem users over POTS, I want to =
make the app give the option of transmitting and receiving video =
(without sound, if necessary to reduce the load on the bandwidth) but =
with a chat option. CUSeeMe has worked well over my dial-up PPP through =
a 14.4 modem so I believe it's realistic to transmit video at 14.4 over =

4. I am NOT a commercial developer but a hobbyist. I intend to make the =
program available over the internet for free, in the hope that others =
may improve upon it.

5. Can you developers out there who have worked with the Windows version =
of CUSeeMe let me know what's involved? For example, how do you send =
the video through the com port? How can you allow for simultameous =
receipt and transmission of data through the port?

Hope you hear from someone either in the listserv or through email. My =
add for email is