Nicknames - please stay!

Andrew Boyd (
Mon, 29 Jan 1996 22:07:54 +1100

Does anyone know how to make it so that everytime I come to use CU-SeeMe
the nicknames and my name haven't disappeared. I store CU on a disk and
double click the disk icon to get it running on this mac. This mac is at
University and they run a "clear up" program every few days or so, so that
anything "foreign" gets trashed. I thought the Prefs. file for CU (which
seems to automatically be stored on the hard disk not my disk when it runs)
would contain the Nicks e.t.c. - so copied them over and when I would come
back in and double-click on the preferences (or nicknames or Cu !) there
were no nicknames there. Hmmmph!! - very frustrating :(.......

Also what sort of fps and kbs/sec do people who watch the shuttle
normally get in the U.S. Over here in Australia <10 fps and a max of around
60-70 or so kbs/sec is normal (on any one of the many US NASA reflectors -
just wondering if it is worth running a NASA select down here or would it
make no difference?

Just to say that CU-SeeMe is great stuff and I haven't had any problems
really - the audio especially during shuttle missions seems fine apart from
occasional dropouts and the video is generally good (Mac III or