RE: cu-seeme

bill (
Mon, 29 Jan 1996 16:39:06 -0500

You need a dialup Point to Point Protocol (PPP) connection from a local =
or national internet provider(they will help you set it up on your =
computer). AOL will NOT work. You do not have a direct internet =
connection that way. Any more questions, just ask away.

Sent: Sunday, January 28, 1996 7:00 PM
Subject: cu-seeme

Hello. You don't know me, but I desperately need your help. I am =
very hard to make CU-SeeMe work. I can't. If you have a moment and can =
me, or steer me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

I have bought two Connectix cameras for my Macintosh (Quadra 630) and my
Dad's Macintosh (Quadra 700).

We both have the current CU-SeeMe software. We have all the MacTCP, =
PPP - and all that stuff. We both have 28.8 modems.

We both have America Online accounts. (We have Internet access through =

We have read the 16 page "read me" that came with CU-SeeMe. It contains =
lot of info, but it *doesn't* tell us precisely how to go about seeing =
other on our respectuve macs via our modems.

All this TCP, Config PPP, etc. is very complicated -- I have no idea how =
fill in the dozens of boxes (choices).

We can't even set the preferences for CU-SeeMe because when we try to =
the application, it just dials and dials and dials -- you can't can't =
make it
stop to set the prefs!

I am so lost with this. Can you PLEASE help me video conference???

-- Dan=20

P.S. I would be glad to pay you for your time if you could hand-hold me
through getting CU-SeeMe started!