cu seeme hangs and faults

Ken Lucash (klucash@systems.DHL.COM)
Mon, 29 Jan 1996 14:10:50 -0800

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I am running CU-SEEME for the PC windows version W0.84b7

After running succewssfully for three weeks,, it has now started
blowing up with a General Protection Fault in both windows 95 and
windows 3.1. It starts up and runs then halts constantly with:

General protection Fault in Module CUSEENE<EXE at
0003: 0000 ddb9

EAX c0010000 EIP 0000ddb9 EFLGS 00000212
EBX c1030f64 ESP 00007452 EBP 00007456
ECX 000037bf ESI 0000a89e FS 013f
EDX 815337bf EDI 0d5f7090 GS 0000

Bytes at CS:EIP:
26 ff 74 02 9a 10 77 4f 1d 05 04 00 3b c7 0f 87

Stack Dump:

18660f64 a89e7090 748237bf 0d1fc5fe 37bf1866
36ef0f64 00c80065 0004c0f1 749a3537 0a1fc033
37772d60 36ef0f64 c19f749a 18660d1f 40d137bf

Please send any help to
I would like to have this run without the halting and rebooting.
I would appreciate any input as to why this started happening.

Ken Lucash