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Billie McDonald (atlantis@ism.net)
Wed, 31 Jan 96 02:38:27 0600

Please help, this is URGENT THAT I BE SET UP.

I can run CU-SeeMe and recieve video, but I can't send, or even see
my own local video. Are there some vital settings that need to be set
to allow the QuickCam to be found by the conferencing program, and then
used for sending video.
I have a QuickCam to use for CU-SeeMe video conferencing, running on
a Power Macintosh Performa 6200CD. I have sent letters elsewhere, with
the only help being the simple steps of instalation. The QuickCam
(running fine as a ccamera), and CU-SeeMe are both installed properly,
and I have access to the Internet via connection by PPP.

Andrew McDonald