[W] Re: local vid box

marshall katz (marshall_katz@mchfmccm.navy.mil)
Wed, 31 Jan 96 09:14:26 EST

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Assuming you're a Windows user (not specified in your posting):

If you're running win 95 and "can't find your local video (pic) window
(box), look under the Win 95 Task Bar. Once finding it, move the
local window where you want to position it on the desktop, reposition
your Win 95 task bar and close CU-SeeMe (CUSM).

CUSM will remember where you last positioned the local window when you
startup CUSM again.

If that doesn't work, you can edit the CUSeeMe.INI file and force new
coordinates for the local window. Unfortunately, I can find a document
I had that gave me an explanation of all the CUSeeMe.INI file entries so
that you could manually enter the values. Maybe someone else can help
in that regard by posting a description of the CUSeeMe.INI entries,
albeit some are self explanatory.

Hope that helps you.

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Subject: local vid box
Author: buddy@mail.itw.com
Date: 1/27/96 12:50 AM

hi there why cant i see my local pic box , need help , thanks