Contiuous reboots,wipeouts,etc...

Marlin Fischer (
Wed, 31 Jan 1996 10:21:46 -0800

Hopefully this is not a repeat as I have only recently got on the List
and have not seen this in FAQs. Running 486DX2-66 with 28.8, QuickCam
under Windows 3.1, 8 RAM, using Cornell. Logging on a ref, many times I
will get booted in a number of ways: 1. Just enough where my dialup will
restart and log me back in and Im on again, even staying on the ref,2. My
whole systems freezes up and I need to reboot 3. I get *totally* booted
from everything,even Windows. Sometimes to a DOS prompt ,sometimes to a
totally blank screen. This may happen, especially No. 1,2-3 times in
just a few minutes. To be brief, *ANY* help would be appreciated!! ISP
has T1 going in and says getting overflow on their end resulting in me
geting booted ( too much signal trying to come in to me) Do I need to
tinker with port,xmission,etc speeds more? Sorry for the long message
Thanks in advance Marlin