"washed out"

Clifford Guffee (Clifford_Guffee@BENG.VOA.GOV)
Wed, 31 Jan 96 18:03:31 EST


I have had luck by first starting cuseeme and then starting QuickCam
QuickPic. QuickPic, upon starting, gives a message that it " ... cannot find
any LPT1 port - do you want to continue?" I enter yes and the QuickPict
screen appears. I can then use the Settings-camera adjustments control to
adjust the cuseeme video display. I am running under windows 95.


Clifford Guffee

When I run my QuickCam on my 486/66 PC under QuickMovie it looks great and I
can adjust my screen accordingly. When I run it under CUSeeMe, howevers, it
goes hazy and washed out. The settings are consistent. What am I doing
wrong here? Any help would be helpful. Thanks!
Frank J. Cuccias at The American University