Martyne Hallgren (
Wed, 31 Jan 1996 17:05:56 -0500


As many of you know, we periodically ask you to tell us about your use
of CU-SeeMe. Each time we have asked, we have received wonderful responses
from all around the world.

So once again, we would like to hear from you. How do you or your organization
use CU-SeeMe? What has been its impact on your project, your group, yourself,
or your business??

This year, in addition to creating a version of the 1996 edition of "In the
Eye of the Reflector" suitable for printing, we will be posting several
stories on our WEB page along with pointers to your own site.

In addition, as we have done in the past, we are offering CU-SeeMe T-Shirts
for the most interesting several entries (arbitrarily judged by us of

Your CU-SeeMe Story can be from one paragraph to a page of text.
Please indicate if , for any reason, you do not wish to have your
story published or shared with others. Also, stories, to be considered
for the Tshirt or publication must include the "vitals" (shown below).

Send your story to: Martyne Hallgren ( or
Tom Parker ( and (maybe) win a CU-SeeMe T-Shirt
and a place "In The Eye of the Reflector".. Many thanks!!

Vital Statistics:

Name, Title
Company or School or Whatever
Work Phone
Email address
http address
reflector address