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> Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 21:28:44 -0800
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> From: uke <>
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> Subject: GPF
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> Hi all!
> Im getting a GPF on cuseeme.exe at 000:DDB9 a minute or so after
> connection. I'm running on a Intel P90 28.8 modem. Would really
> be great to have a resolution to this problem. I did have the max
> amount of windows open and I was sending video at the time. I repeated
> the hook up several times and had the same results(after re-boot).
> I also tried it over several days thinking it might be the hook up.
> Would be great if someone had a solution.
> Merv


I have a dx-4 with 16 megs and a 28.8 and I am also constantly getting GPF's.
It must be one of the bugs. My entire screen will freeze up. I have to reboot and
try again. About 1/3 of the times I start cu-seeme I get them. The other times everything
runs smooth.