Bill (
Fri, 03 Jan 1997 01:46:22 -0500

Does anyone know if CUSeeMe requires an IRQ? When I bought my
QuickCam I also bought an I/O card with a parallel port on it to
hook the camera up to. The only two choices for the port were
IRQ 5 or 7. I choose 5 and then adjusted the IRQ on my sound
card so that the two wouldn't interfere with each other.

For some reason though, Win95's Device Manager is telling me that
nothing is using IRQ 5. Nothing at all. A guy at work told me
that not all software uses IRQ's. So if anyone knows whether or
not CUSeeMe uses an IRQ could you let me know? If it doesn't need
one I'd just as soon switch my sound card (AWE32) back to it's
default of IRQ 5 because I'm beginning to hit some software that
doesn't appreciate the IRQ 10 setting that I gave it.

Thank you,

Bill (