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I am a windows developer and I would like to help improve CU-SEEME. I
have 12 years of development experience and I also have both a quickcam
and a reveal VE500 and I would like to get them to work with CU-SEEME. I
also have a copy of bounds checker and a full ms VC++ development
environment. You can see a picture of it at:

http://www.tiac.net/jdoggett there is a picture of me there too.

I have tried for nearly a week to get the sources from the ftp site but
cannot connect. Also, I have a Sparc I running sun os 4.01 and was
wondering if the reflector software will run on it. If it will I would
like to set up a reflector... somehow. I would like to make it a free
reflector, but I am not independantly wealthy. Altho ISDN is around
$63.00 a month here. ( I may be able to afford this soon. )