Re: Error Msg.

John Ingham (
Sat, 4 Jan 1997 23:32:30 +1030

Bill said...

>During installation of Enhanced CU (WPine) I'm getting:
>"Setup was unable to successfully communicate with the video
>capture card using the driver that you selected."
>Below that was:
>"QuickCam video driver"
>Suggestions please?

My first comment Bill is that you haven't given any details of your
platform or system, but I guess you have a Windows PC, but version 3.1 or

Only yesterday I successfully installed the demo version of the WhitePine
CU-SeeMe onto a Pentium Laptop running Windows 95, and the only error
message I got was when I attempted to run CU-See Me without the QuickCam
plugged in. I suppose you had already installed your QuickCam software
before CU-SeeMe? In any case I'd install it again, try your CU-SeeMe and
if still you have no luck, re-install CU-SeeMe. It is important to install
the correct version (16 or 32 bit) to match your version of Windows.

That's about all I can suggested based on my very limited and recent
experience with CU-SeeMe for Windoze. Oh, by the way, a tip for everyone
including Cornell freeware users, read the excellent FAQ which comes with
the WhitePine CU-SeeMe, it really does answer a lot of, well, Frequently
Asked Questions! ;) It's worth downloading the WhitePine version just for
the FAQ! It's free and unlike the program itself the FAQ won't expire!

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