Stealth64 PCI Video 2121TV 2mb

Vandevort, Ed (
Mon, 06 Jan 97 09:30:00 PST

Bill: I've recently upgraded my PC from
486/100 cpu vlb 16RAM / Video Spigot / Win3.11
to Win95 / Pentium 133 / 40mb RAM / Stealth64
PCI Video 2121 TV 2mb - video display board ,
TV tuner & video capture combination board.
I have loaded the recommended Stealth 64
drivers (6/96) to operate the TV and Capture.
I now find I have a problem using CuSeeMe.
CU will NOT work . I get GPF's.
I must powerdown pc to re-activeate my video
display function. I use WP Enh. version of
CuSeeMe program.

Question: Is the Stealth64 video combo
board incompatible for CU use ??

Can I use CuSeeMe as a "Lurker" and
scrap the CU Video Out function ??
If so, what do I have to change?
I really appreciate your continued effort
related to the CU forum. Thanks, Ed V
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