Bennet Haselton of Peacefire on ISP-TV "Real Time" Monday night
Fri, 10 Jan 1997 17:43:50 -0500 (EST)

*** ISP-TV Program Announcement:

"Real Time" Interview with Bennet Haselton
Founder of Peacefire


*** Monday, Jan. 13 ***
*** 9:00 PM ET ***

Bennet Haselton is the founder of Peacefire, a "teen Net anti-censorship
Alliance." He's an 18-year old student at Vanderbilt University, and has
recently been involved in a dispute with Solid Oak Software over their
product "Cybersitter." Haselton claims that he simply ran the software,
and found out that it blocked far more than just cyberporn, but also other
web sites such as the National Organization for Women. Solid Oak's Mark
Kanter says "There was no way he could have known who was on our list
without breaking into our system."

We'll talk with Haselton about Peacefire, the ethics of kid-proofing the
net with censorware, and perhaps hear his side of the Cybersitter dispute.

Call-in questions will be taken during the show at (301) 847-6571.

"Real Time" Extra: The MAE-East, up close and personal. RT recently
traveled to the Mecca of the Internet, the MAE-East, a major Internet
peering point where over 50 providers continually exchange between 300 and
700 Mbps of data. See what the GigaSwitches look like, marvel at the
power backup system, find out what soda cans technicians leave behind in
the MAE. All this after the Haselton interview.

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