Reflector platforms

Andrew Hally (
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 16:09:49 -0500

Rob Raese asked:

>what is the current limit on the number of people a cu-seeme reflector can
>service simultaneously (say with a web broadcast)?

White Pine's Reflectors can handle up to 100 simultaneous unicast
connections. Multiple Reflectors can be "chained" together to reach larger
audiences. The new 2.1 Reflector (released early December '96) can use
standards-based multicasting to reach a nearly unlimited number of users if
your network supports multicasting.

>what is currently the most popular reflector and what kind of
>hardware/software is it running?

Sun (SunOS/Solaris), SGI (Irix), Windows NT (Intel or Alpha) and Linux
(2.0.18) are the most popular platforms.

>thanks in advance,

>rob raese



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