Vertical bars in local video window

K&F (100622.2061@CompuServe.COM)
13 Jan 97 17:59:37 EST

Help !

I've been running CU sucessfully for 12 months on a 486 with win 3.1 and a
recommended capture card. Originally the cornell version and then the 16 bit
white pine version.

After some lengthy delay I finally got around to upgrading to win '95 last week.
All my applications work OK except CU ! The local video window has a series of
vertical bars and no changes to the video preferences have any affect. My
capture card application is working OK displaying video prior to starting CU and
the window "blanks" as CU grabs the output as it always did, only when CUs local
video window appears, no picture only lines.

Any suggestions ?

Many thanks

Kevin (ham G4SZO)