Re: CU-SeeMe access from China

John Ingham (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 15:59:01 +1030

Wang Hui in Changsha, Hunan Province China just said...

> I'm a new user of CU-SeeMe, I have installed CU-SeeMe for Windows Version
>W0.84B7, I want to connect one of the IP addresses which have been provided
>in this Software,but each is unavaliable, so i want to get an avaliable user
>IP or Reflector IP address to connect. can you tell me an IP address?

I have read in our press that there are some restrictions being applied by
your Government on access to the Internet. I would imagine that this would
be similar to my situation here at work where our Network Administrators
have created a "firewall" to protect our network from external hackers.
All Web access is handled by a "Proxie Server" which temporarily stores and
forwards all data, and CU-SeeMe access is blocked totally. Maybe you are
behind the "Great Firewall of China" ;)

If you open the "Phone Book" under the CU-SeeMe Conference Menu item you
will see many more Reflector IP numbers than appear if you merely select
Connect (or Call - I can't remember which) under the CU-SeeMe Conference
Menu item. But in any case you should get activity on the the White Pine
and Cornell reflectors virtually all of the time. Even when they are full
they will give you a warning message.

I'm sorry I can't provide you my own IP because while I'm at work I'm
"behind the firewall" and when I'm at home I don't know my number until I
make a connection because my ISP uses dynamic IP number allocation.

I wonder if anyone on the list has any information about CU-SeeMe access
from China?

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